Monday, March 05, 2007

Special issue on 3D acquisition technology for cultural heritage

Machine Vision and Applications has recently published a special issue on 3D acquisition for cultural heritage edited by Luc Van Gool and Robert Sablatnig.

Table of Contents:

  1. Three-dimensional acquisition of large and detailed cultural heritage objects
    • Gabriele Guidi, Bernard Frischer, Michele Russo, Alessandro Spinetti, Luca Carosso, and Laura Loredana Micoli

  2. Petroglyph digitization: enabling cultural heritage scholarship
    • George V. Landon and W. Brent Seales

  3. A System for 3D Modeling Frescoed Historical Buildings with Multispectral Texture
    • N. Brusco, S. Capeleto, M. Fedel, A. Paviotti, L. Poletto, G. M. Cortelazzo, and G. Tondello

  4. Recent Developments in 3D Multi-modal Laser Imaging Applied to Cultural Heritage
    • Fran├žois Blais and J. Angelo Beraldin

  5. Web-based 3D Reconstruction Service
    • Maarten Vergauwen and Luc Van Gool