Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interactive Tabletop Museum Exhibits

In the most recent issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, there is an interesting article titled "Interactive Tabletop Exhibits in Museums and Galleries."

From the article:

"The museum experience is an unusually tactile, sensual one, and the standard keyboard-mouse-and-screen setup might seem out of place. This trend toward sensual involvement is particularly noticeable in tabletop displays, as they appeal to two aspects of familiar daily life: the horizontal surface as a workspace, and hand gestures (or common objects) as tools for manipulating information."
The full article can be viewed online (PDF). Readers should notice that the article contains a nice sampling of various interactive/tabletop exhibits. The Tilty Table, in particular, demonstrates that interactivity and intuitive access can (and should) be combined in the museum experience. A sample video is available (MOV).